CONTRACT RESEARCH ORGANIZATIONS IN INDIABy virtue of globalization, one of the latest business innovations that has taken over the Indian Pharmaceutical market is Outsourcing. The factors like early entry of products into the market, high cost of recruiting personnel from a medical background, complexity in the process of product development et al are what drive outsourcing. Because of this, the market for CONTRACT RESEARCH ORGANIZATIONS IN INDIA has been ever-growing, broadening the spectrum of services that are outsourced. Over the years, India has gained a favorable place as a preferred destination for conducting clinical trials. And thanks to the efforts of Drug Controller General (DCGI) of India for bringing in credibility to the trials that the growth of the CRO market has been given a further push. The fact that there is immense competition in the CRO market at present, with CONTRACT RESEARCH ORGANIZATIONS IN INDIA coming up with better and better agendas; it only helps bring about diversity in the services offered by them.

As far as the status of CONTRACT RESEARCH ORGANIZATIONS IN INDIA is concerned, there are a host of companies some of which provide full service and others which are niche players such as IT solution companies, central laboratories etc.. Considering the significant advances that the country has made in Clinical Research, today, it boasts of a good infrastructure that wills only further the growth of CONTRACT RESEARCH ORGANIZATIONS IN INDIA.
The reason why India is the preferred destination for Clinical trials is probably because of the consistency in the quality of the data generated in these trials. Moreover, all the CONTRACT RESEARCH ORGANIZATIONS IN INDIA work in conformity with the international quality standards. According to K V Subramanian, President & CEO, Reliance Life Sciences, “Large Pharma companies are focusing on BRIC nations for cost-effective clinical research that delivers results as per international quality standards”. Since quality happens to be a continuous endeavor, the CONTRACT RESEARCH ORGANIZATIONS IN INDIA try to bring about a competitive edge in their services and constantly prove to be among one of the best organizations that provide global clinical trials at competitive prices.